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Project Overview

Designed for the community, by the community. Over 18 months  Riverview Elementary School students, local garden and nature enthusiasts, and experts from the community poured their wildest garden ideas, hopes, and dreams into what became the vision for SOIL Outdoor Learning Lab.

Community and School Garden

  • Educational plots

  • Family/individual plot rental through Durango Parks & Recreation

  • Shared spaces and resources for students throughout the Durango School District and community members

17 x 11 signs for Grand Opening Party.png

The Soil Shed

  • Interpretive signs revealing the secret world of soil

  • Soil analysis lab

  • Advanced composting systems

  • Sustainable construction utilizing earthen materials

Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 2.33.26 PM.png

The Hub

  • Education pavilion and public gathering space

  • Gardens available for public harvesting

  • Sustainability demonstration gardens

  • Solar array and EV charging, sustainable energy education

SOIL23_illustration layout.jpg

+ Interpretive signs and interactive education stations will be installed throughout the site.

phase 3 Aug 24.png

Grow Dome

  • Year-round growing and environmental education

  • Experimental and innovative horticulture methods and research

  • Integrated aquaponic fish pond

  • STEM lessons and demonstrations for students and the public


Food Forest & Agriculture Lab

  • Permaculture/regenerative agriculture practices

  • Student and public access to edible plants and fruit trees

  • Animal husbandry

  • Public farm market stand

Phase5 Render.jpg

Education Center

  • Commercial/demonstration kitchen

  • Indoor growing area

  • Classroom/workshop space

  • School and community programs/events

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